Apoyocontable is comprised of highly skilled professionals prepared to meet your accounting, tax and business consulting needs. Our multilingual staff, with professional experience and academic preparation acquired in the U.S., Europe and Latin America, provides quality services from a multicultural perspective. Our professionals are able to communicate with their clients in their own language and to capture the full scope and context of their clients' needs. Apoyocontable serves a wide array of individuals and corporations throughout the United States. Among the services provided by Apoyocontable are the following:

  • Corporate Accounting & Bookkeeping
  • Tax Filing and Planning
  • Business Plans

Apoyocontable strives to be unique from other financial and tax service providers. Clients have direct access to senior-level professionals who are prepared and willing to keep clients informed about their cases on a daily basis. Apoyocontable´s certified public accountants, and financial consultants are accountable for their work, which is done by them directly or by staff under their strict and close supervision.


Provide the highest quality professional services to meet the particular needs of individuals, small and medium businesses, with the most attractive and competitive fees.